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Finishing Services

At the Biz Zone, we offer many different ways to finish your printed products

  • FOLDING - Folding is required for many printing projects and we offer many different folding options such as:

    • Letter-Fold, Z-Fold, Double Parallel, Gate Fold

  • LAMINATING - Lamination gives you the ability to preserve your digital printing and gives posters a hard clear finish making your project impervious to moisture and fading


  • BINDING - Options to choose from when you need to bind your booklets, manuals, or catalogs. 

    • Plasticoil - Our binding of choice. This continual spiral binding gives document security and ease of use to the end user.​

    • Comb Binding - Also known as "GBC" binding is the least secure but can be opened and resealed for last minute content changes even after binding has been completed.

    • Saddle Stitching - Two staples in the center, folded with a face trim is our fastest and least expensive binding option for those rush projects.

  • CUTTING & TRIMMING - For smaller flyers or mail inserts, let us take care of the hassle of cutting and trimming to the desired final size


  • FOAM BOARD MOUNTING - Mounting your poster or prints to foam board gives them added durability and makes them ready to hang on any wall or trade show booth. 

    • Foam-Core is our most economical choice.  It provides strength at a lower cost than other options.  It is intended for rigid mounting with no bend or flexibility. 

    • Gatorfoam also known as "Gator Board" provides a stronger solution than foam-core. It is also intended for rigid mounting with no bend or flexibility.

    • Styrene gives you the strength of Gatorfoam with the added feature of flexibility to bend. This is an excellent choice for trade show booths that have curvature and with the added feature of being waterproof. When combined with a laminated print this is an excellent solution for an outdoor graphics display.

  • FOILING - Foiling can give an elegant look to an already beautiful printing project.  It's a process where a color foil can be pressed directly into a sheet as a flat image.

  • NUMBERING - Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain accurate records and improve organization.  We can number a variety of papers and sheet sizes.  Choose descending or ascending numbers or receipt collation numbering.

  • PERFORATION - Perforating a sheet can create an easy to remove response card, coupon or customer feedback form by simply "tearing on the dotted line".

  • SCORING/CREASING - Scoring or creasing is the process where a groove is placed into the sheet of heavier paper (like card stock) so that folding along that groove is neat and clean with no toner cracking along the fold.

  • ROUNDED CORNERS - Rounded corners can add a little flair to your printing project.  Business cards are a great example where a little rounding can make your card stand out from the crowd.  Rounded corners can also allow your printing to be more effective. For example, labels with rounded corners are much less likely to get snagged or peeled back accidentally than those with a standard square or rectangle corner. 

  • STAPLING - Stapling is one of the simplest methods of binding. Choose from traditional corner stapling to saddle-stitching (staple through the spine) of multi-page items such as catalogs, annual reports and newsletters.

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